MNRI® and the Anat Baniel Method(sm)


Studying the Masgutova Neurosensorymotor Reflex Integration system has opened a window for me of understanding. My years of training and practice in the tensional and subtle movement systems in the body, especially deep tissue therapy and Cranial-Sacral therapy, help me to utilize and feel when and how the reflexes come into subtle activity without muscular involvement. Within the framework of the Anat Baniel Method, which helps children connect with their joy of learning, this awareness of reflexes and the direct intention to help each child connect through their core completes a holistic picture to support learning.
The Anat Baniel Method helps a child acquire a gentle three dimensional internal experience of their movement capabilities. In this way the ABM gives a child a full palette of of movement possibilities with which they can connect in a meaningful way to intentional movement in a relaxed learning atmosphere. Children are free to discover what interests them, to move through their own frustration and to have the satisfaction of accomplishment. As I work with children, I find that I can easily combine information about reflexes to help children further their learning process.
The following is an excerpt from Andrea Bowers blog article, Anat Baniel Method and Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration:
” As I gained familiarity with MNRI I could see that though Masgutova and Feldenkrais have many of the same sources of information their focus diverged with Feldenkrais’ core of learning in gravity and the importance of bones, and Masgutova’s core of pre-gravitational (in utero) reflexes and reflexive protective mechanisms.  I find the two perspectives give me more tools to be helpful, especially with children with special needs who are often still so influenced by reflexes that their learning is hugely inhibited.
I am very glad that I experienced Feldenkrais/ABM first and was able to add the reflex knowledge to my understanding of how the human system works.  I would like all children to have the experience of the joyfulness of learning and discovering that ABM brings.
I heard a story about an early Masgutova camp in California.  50% of the children were learning quite a bit faster than the other half.  When they looked for the common factor it was discovered those were the children who had been receiving ABM lessons before beginning the reflex work. If ABM is the first experience for a child with difficulty learning every other kind of experience will be enhanced. “

I am also glad that I studied MNRI and that I am able to bring that understanding to the children and families that I serve. I plan to continue this learning process, I also have the joy of learning! For more information follow this link:

All the best ~ Josie

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