One of the great changes in Mason since you worked with him in July is that he now lets me rock him at night without his usual resistance to being touched, held closely, etc. Of course this is huge for me (emotionally) and I think for Mason also, or at least, I hope so. Thank you again Josie.
Blessings, -Mary


Autumn did something new today!  She got on her knees upright and started walking around on her knees, fast!  She had never done that before!  She was trying to get to me quickly because I had been gone all day.  It was so awesome.  I’ll have to video it for you next time. :)  She has also started holding her own cup, every time she eats and surprised me yesterday by eating an apple.. whole, skin and all!  She has never eaten fruit before because the chewing and biting coordination was just too much.  We can’t wait to see you in the future.  -Liz


We head to Gainesville again for ABM. This time we only can afford to do 2 sessions so we go up for the day. The next day we put Mattie on the floor as we always do since she is not mobile and walk away. 10 minutes later I find her ½ way across the room! She can roll!! Not just from belly to back like she had been doing but a full on back-belly-back to actually MOVE ACROSS THE ROOM ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started crying and laughing and crying some more. I have never felt more proud of her in the past year as I did at that moment. I felt like everything we had been doing, all the sacrifices we had been making were finally paying off!
 -Jess (From her blog)


Another brain and body hard-at-work moment— simply brilliant! Imagine how easy it is to touch your finger to your nose or move your hand to your ear…..for Hayden, he has no concept. Now think, hmmm crawling- what is that? Why? Where does my body go? We must train his body to talk to his brain to move. Here is another miracle! Hayden is in the crawl position.
Thanks for all your support- Go Team Hayden!!! -Toni (From her blog)


I just want to tell you that I really appreciate all you ever did for Michael. You will see he’s doing really well when he comes back to see you again. -Maureen


Wow! I can’t tell you how much you helped my whole right side!! I’ve been singing your praises and now several friends want to get some work done. Thanks.
 SW Artist


After our last session I felt very loose and a little giddy. Actually, through the evening I felt more and more giddy until after dinner. It was quite a pleasant experience! When I rode, I was able to use my right side considerably more than previously.
 SC Dressage Rider


Now I have learned to move in a new way. I can turn my head without pain! 
NL Psychotherapist


Something has shifted for me when I run. I use my body differently, I pay attention to areas of myself that I didn’t feel before and the experience is very pleasurable.
 ET Business Professional

 – Inventor


I usually have trouble with my shoulders. My easy reach at the beginning of the lesson was about six inches less than it was at the end of the lesson. I don’t remember a time when my shoulder blade moved so freely. (And there was no stretching involved!)
 BF Massage Therapist

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