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I have found my greatest teachers in Special Needs Kids

I work with children who are hungry to learn new ways to use and express themselves more fully and effectively. The Anat Baniel Methodsm (ABM) for Children is the most direct and powerful way that I have ever experienced as a means of helping children to connect with their own vitality and uniqueness.

Along with this work with children, I  teach elders and parents to change their neurological potentials through movement. As adults open new brain pathways they also become more child-like, more excited about learning and as a bonus they can move with greater pleasure and ease.

Parents who engage in this process for themselves are better able to understand the joy of learning in their children and to help their children continue their learning every day at home.

As a a licensed massage therapist and a licensed clinical social worker, I have always treated the body and mind as a unique whole for each individual. Children with special needs often have a history of extra hospitalizations and may have experienced a traumatic start. My background in listening skills helps me to meet children and parents as they are. My philosophy is to be available without being intrusive.

I hope to be a loving presence to each child and parent that I meet. At the same time, I have learned to be present for what occurs for each person in the moment and then we move forward! Children are amazingly able to express themselves and then go for joy, curiosity, and bonding.  This is another beautiful way that the children teach me. As a result, I am constantly learning, including new ways to help children.

Josie and Paul Davenport

I live and work in Gainesville, Florida with my husband, Paul, since the early 1980’s. We co-own the Florida School of Massage where we share our passion for teaching peace through touch.

We also enjoy playing music together along with our love for nature, art, photography and our cat Zorro.

Professional Summary (Download as PDF):

With 30 years of experience in the field of body and mind therapies, my primary methods are listening, presence, gentle and precise touch and unconditional positive regard.


Skill Highlights:

Anat Baniel Method for Children Practitioner℠.
Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®.
Specializing in children and adults to enhance movement and neurological performance.
Background in trauma management, hospice and whole person counseling.
Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT in private practice since 1980.
Co-Owner Florida School of Massage since 1987.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW since 1997.
Published Author and editor.


ABM with families in Europe 2013-14.
Guest speaker at the PMGA Conference June 2013, and providing free ABM lessons to 15 children with PMG.
ReachingtoLearn.com informational web page 2012.
Co-Authored book – Korb, M. P., Davenport, J., Martin, A., & Korb, J., (2007) iContact – a Gestalt Guide to Skilled Communication. Gouldsboro, ME: Gestalt Journal Press.
ABM workshops for parents and professionals in Florida 2005 to present. • Free Clinics for Children since 2003 and Elders since 2009.
Designer/Primary Instructor Communication Skills for Massage Therapists 1990-2000.

Professional Experience:

Josie Davenport, LMT LCSW at Reaching to Learn – Specializing in Children with Special Needs and Adult Anti-Aging and Performance 1998-Present.
Lead Instructor in bodywork modalities including connective tissue therapy, injury evaluation and treatment, Feldenkrais and ABM Movement Lessons and communication skills, Florida School of Massage 1985-Present.
Psychotherapist, educator, newsletters: Gestalt Center of Gainesville 1990-2003.
Holistic bodywork: Structural Integration, Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetics, Polarity, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Injury Evaluation and Treatment, Feldenkrais®, Feldenkrais® for Children, EMDR, Anat Baniel Method℠, Aromatherapy, Biofeedback, MNRI, 1980-Present.

Education & Training:

Feldenkrais® & Anat Baniel Method℠

Support Staff ABM Practitioner Training℠ 2007-2009
Support Staff ABM for Children℠ NYC 2006
ABM High Level Performers℠ 2005
ABM Vitality and Anti-Aging℠ 2004
ABM for Children℠ 2003
Feldenkrais Professional Training®,Mia Segal in Netherlands 2002
Feldenkrais® for Children 2-year training, Anat Baniel 1998-1999
Feldenkrais Practitioner Training®, Anat Baniel 1993-1997

Awareness, Communication and Bodywork

MNRI Infant Dynamic & Postural Reflex Patterns, Christine Poulin 2012
MNRI Children With Challenges, S. Masgutova 2012
Certified Neuro-Synchrony Trainer, Fehmi 2011
Certified Open Focus Trainer 2011
Aromatherapy Certification 200-hr. course, Christina Polnyj 2011
Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Hugh Milne 2003-2006
Licensed Clinical Social Worker 1997
EMDR Level 1 1995, Level 2 1998
Gestalt Therapy 2-Year Professional Training 1994
Cranio-Sacral Therapy Certification, Upledger 1989-1991
Injury Evaluation and Treatment, Instructor Certification, Benjamin 1990
Gestalt Training Groups 1985-1990
Polarity Training, Paul Linn 1985
Structural Integration Certification, Lee Joseph 1982
Bioenergetic Certification Training, Bob Glazer 1981
Licensed Massage Therapist Florida 1980

Higher Education

Music/Science – AA Santa Fe Community College 1983
Health Education – BS University of Florida 1985
Master of Social Work – MSW Florida State University 1993
    • Internship Clinical Social Work: In-Patient Psychiatric Shands Teaching Hospital 1992
    • Internship Clinical Social Work: Hospice of N. Central Florida 1991


Photography – Music: Flute, Concertina, Singing – Outdoor Hiking and Biking, Tai Chi, Tennis

Josie Davenport, LMT LCSW, MA 3599 ~ SW 5130

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