The Anat Baniel Method for Children

Reaching to Learn


Children With Disabilities often have experienced traumatic or premature births. As a result of both the trauma and the neurological issues, these infants often are not able to move their bodies fully or with ease.


Calming the system: I first help children learn to feel how they are in the present. I slowly help them feel their own skeletal landmarks for movement. Children learn to calm their system through this slow, gentle and safe touch combined with simple movement. This “felt sense” of their own boundaries and their inner feeling can become a life-long guide for learning, setting boundaries, and expressing their unique gifts and talents.

Reaching to Learn: By helping each child to feel the components of movement that are possible for them, I help children connect with their own joy of learning. This is done by helping them feel varied possibilities for random exploration of movement. Children begin to invent movement combinations and expand their neurological picture, their self-image, to include increasingly more of their true potential for movement. I create a unique learning environment for each child without painful or invasive means.

Reaching to Learn with children can include the following:

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Link to Josie’s Page: The Anat Baniel Method (ABM) for ChildrenSM

The Anat Baniel MethodSM is my primary method for children. Everything else that I do is incorporated or associated with this.

Link to Josie’s Blog: MNRI – Reflex Integration and ABM

In my work, I find that Masgutova Neurosensorymotor Reflex Integration, MNRI, is a powerful adjunct to the Anat Baniel MethodSM.

Infant Massage

There are many ways to massage an infant or small child. Gentle calming strokes can also give a child’s brain information about areas of high tone and low tone. For example, children who have neurological or learning delays often have a difference in the level of tone on their back on either side of the spine. By non-verbally helping them to feel the differences, the tone can become more even. In general, though, infants are tiny people who benefit from soothing caring nurturing and touch. Infant massage can help prevent or alleviate colic. It can help a baby fall asleep. Also, imagine how quickly babies grow and how massage can help alleviate soreness from everything that they go through from moving constantly, to not moving much at all. The most important outcome though, is the bonding of babies with their own parents.

CranioSacral Balancing

There is a rhythm to the movement of Cerebrospinal fluid in the body that can be felt separately from the movement of the breath or the pulse. In the same way that you or I don’t normally hear a small clock ticking in a room, if we become very still to meditate, the same clock can become annoyingly loud. After years of experience working with the craniosacral system, I find that sometimes I feel a spontaneous unwinding that goes on, especially with infants. In the video link below, I am not moving Hayden intentionally, he is moving and I am following.

Link to Video: Josie Working With Hayden Chadwell

Link to Video: Anat Baniel Working With Carter (below)

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