Adult Movement Lessons

Elders and Parents

Transformation Can Happen For You Too

Adult Movement Lessons

Through a process called neuro-plasticity, the brain is capable of creating new pathways and options for movement and learning throughout life.

Parents can best understand the changes and possibilities for their child by experiencing their own potential for ease and efficiency in movement. I can schedule an entire lesson for a parent or use part of their child’s lesson time.

Supple and energy efficient movement increases quality of life and is the essence of anti-aging.

Miracles begin by Paying Attention

  • For individual lessons, wear loose comfortable clothing.
  • I will gently guide you through small movements at first.
  • As you learn to let go of unnecessary holding and to move with greater ease, your range of movement will increase naturally and without excess force.
  • Based on your current movement options, I will customize your lesson to teach variations that will help you move in new ways.
  • I will give you adult movement lessons that you can use at home to continue the learning and healing process.

Expect ChangesAdult Movement Lessons transform

  • Improve Vitality and Sensuality
  • Upgrade Athletic Performance
  • Heal From Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Improve Neurological Functioning
  • Improve Sleep and Rest

Private Movement Lessons

Group Movement Lessons

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