Adult Movement Lessons

Elders and Parents

Transformation Can Happen For You Too

Adult Movement Lessons

Given the proper conditions for learning, Anat Baniel’s 9 Essentials, you can upgrade your brain, creating new pathways and options for movement of body, thought and emotion throughout life.

Parents can best understand the changes and possibilities for their child by experiencing their own potential for ease and efficiency in movement. I can schedule an entire lesson for a parent or use part of their child’s lesson time.

Supple and energy efficient movement increases quality of life and is the essence of anti-aging.

Anat Baniel’s 9  Essentials for Learning

Miracles begin by:

  • Paying Attention – Notice how you are right now and what’s around you. When you notice how you are now, change is possible.
  • The Learning Switch – The lessons are structured to give a context for learning. Find a theme that is relevant right now.
  • Subtlety – We look only for easy movement. By searching for connections and correlations, easy movement is possible without effort.
  • Variation – Can a movement intention be accomplished in 3 different ways? Does one way feel easier or more efficient?
  • Slow – By slowing the process, more information is available.
  • Enthusiasm – Celebrate the small changes as they occur, notice what works and build on success.
  • Flexible Goals – Be open to the miraculous. Hold goals lightly and stay with each small change. Keep the conversation open.
  • Imagination and Dreams – Allow the process of change to continue as you sleep. Imagine the life you love and let that life pull to towards it.
  • Awareness – As you reclaim your potential for movement and change, you orchestrate your life from your whole being with purpose.


Expect ChangesAdult Movement Lessons transform

  • Improve Vitality and Sensuality
  • Upgrade Athletic Performance
  • Improve Neurological Functioning
  • Improve Sleep and Rest

Private Movement Lessons

Group Movement Lessons

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