Aroma Blend for Kids


Child in flowers from webCalm~Happy~Safe Aromatherapy Blend for Children (1 yr and older)

This is safe to use as a spray for the room or for the parent’s clothing – NOT to spray on the child.

*See cautions below

ENJOY!! I found that it worked very well in a child’s ABM lesson this morning!


2 oz. glass spray bottle with water

Small amount aloe or vitamin E as a carrier oil

Lemon 5 drops
Sweet Orange 10 drops
Chamomile 2 drops
Rose 2 drops
Lavender 6 drops
Sandal 4 drops

Some Simple Cautions:

* Some oils are not recommended to be used in the vicinity of children – these are all safe oils.
* To be especially careful – spray a small amount on a piece of cloth that can be removed from the room. I have never found this necessary with these oils, but this   would make it easy to remove in case of an allergic response.
* Don’t try this with children who have a history of severe allergies.
* Keep this bottle out of sight and out of reach of children
* Store away from heat and light and air (Heat changes the chemistry and oxidized oils can become harsh)
* Do not apply undiluted essential oils to the skin of children.
* Never apply pure essential oils to your own skin without dilution into a carrier oil.

Try it and let me know how you like it!
Also, look for further posts on safe oil blends for kids.

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