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Reaching to Learn

My mission is to teach the essential components of ‘movement that facilitates learning’ to children with neurological challenges and the adults in their lives.

As a certified practitioner of the Anat Baniel Method for ChildrenSM I guide children verbally and with my hands to help them feel easy possibilities for volitional movement. As they follow their own curiosity they have spontaneous outcomes. Families learn new ways to assist their child’s learning by building on each new success.

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Video Link: Healing Quest – From ‘global brain damage’ to 2 Master’s degrees


Parents – Elders – Professionals

One of the necessities of youth is continued learning. Using a variety of specific movement sequences, I teach movement options that help to keep the body and the brain supple and responsive. These lessons are structured to enhance the learning processes in the areas that are essential to health, vitality and sensuality. Parents learn, by experiencing movement lessons themselves, how to help further their child’s learning in gentle, playful and productive ways.

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“. . . The body reflects attitudes of the mind, improve the body and you must improve the mind.”


Moshe Feldenkrais


Anat Baniel’s 9  Essentials for Learning

Miracles begin by:

  • Paying Attention – Notice how you are right now and what’s around you. When you notice how you are now, change is possible.
  • The Learning Switch – The lessons are structured to give a context for learning. Find a theme that is relevant right now.
  • Subtlety – We look only for easy movement. By searching for connections and correlations, easy movement is possible without effort.
  • Variation – Can a movement intention be accomplished in 3 different ways? Does one way feel easier or more efficient?
  • Slow – By slowing the process, more information is available.
  • Enthusiasm – Celebrate the small changes as they occur, notice what works and build on success.
  • Flexible Goals – Be open to the miraculous. Hold goals lightly and stay with each small change. Keep the conversation open.
  • Imagination and Dreams – Allow the process of change to continue as you sleep. Imagine the life you love and let that life pull to towards it.
  • Awareness – As you reclaim your potential for movement and change, you orchestrate your life from your whole being with purpose.


“When we know what we do, we do what we want.” M. Feldenkrais


I work with the body, mind and spirit as an interrelated, interconnected whole. When I use Gestalt listening skills with Anat Baniel Methodsm lessons, I am working with the dynamic relationships that enhance awareness and learning.   My intention is to support and empower the myriad possibilities for growth and health in each person. These lessons are designed to expand your self image, giving the brain information for efficient skeletal movement in gravity.

This method makes “the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant” 
Moshe Feldenkrais

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